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Dear Jeff, Just a note to wish you a very happy New Year and the best of luck in all you do. Drove down to Pennsylvania last weekend and listened to your album back and forth. It was perfect driving music especially driving through the mountains all covered in snow! Kim Subj: Great Tape
Date: 10/13/99
Hello Jeff,
I am writing in behalf of my sister and I. I want to thank you and compliment you on the tape you gave my sister Dawn on a recent flight. She is a flight attendant for a major airline. My name is Dave. Take care and keep writing and playing good music.
Respectfully, Dave and Dawn

Hi Jeff!
I've thought of you a lot. In fact, I often listen to your CD as I fall asleep. Your guitar playing is so very beautiful. Thank you, Jeff! I'm glad to hear you're making your music more available to people. You are wonderfully talented, and it's important to share that with as many people as possible. I look forward to hearing your new album. In the meantime, I'll be dreaming with Dreams :)
Wishing you wonders and joy,
Date: 10/19/99
Hi Jeff
I fed myself with your music all the way into work today, it felt great. I am still listening.

Hello Jeff,
My name is Sue. Just wanted to tell you that your music is beautiful! Very mellow and relaxing. I'm so glad they told me to tune in. Congrats on your CD and continued success.

Subj: Re: Loved your CD
Date: 10/29/99
Hi Jeff,
Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you but I've been real busy. And
I really enjoyed or should say enjoy your CD as well. Beautifully crafted
guitar work. Great stuff to listen to when you want to be transported.
Best regards,

Hi Ray -
I am back in New York and wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience I had playing at Ocean Thunder's open mic last Wednesday night. I wish the people in New York were half as enthusiastic as your patrons were with me that night.
Date: 11/2/99
Dear Jeff,
I did listen to your cassette. It was very pleasant. I remember because I listened to it while cleaning my apartment...and if something spurs me on to clean, I know it's got good energy - 'cause it's not something I naturally do all the time!

Hey Jeff Curtis
I can't get that intro music that you wrote for LT1 out of my head.
Not that I'm trying to, it's sooo cool, THANK YOU!

How are you? I received your cassette and you were right I just loved it. It made me feel so good but I thought and still think that I could truly enjoy it if I was driving alone and listening to it. Tomorrow I plan on taking a drive and listening to it. Thank you it was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received. When your second CD comes out I will be the first or one of the first to order it. I have a friend who would absolutely love it and this is definitely worth sharing...........Love Ana

Date: 05/23/2001
I listened to your CD this morning.......I still love it!!!!! I continue to be amazed at how beautiful it is. It will always be one of my very
favorites Jeff.

Subj: It's a Jeff Curtis kind of day
Date: 11/24/99
It is very foggy, my house is very messy, I have to get my life back together again. So the Jeff Curtis CD is on an I am about to embark on a mission to get organized again. Not that fog goes with your music, but in a way it does today.
Talk to you soon,

I like the CD very much, your sensitivity and joy comes through the
Subj: You're a hit!
Date: 12/28/99
Hey Jeff,
I gave my dad your CD and he loved it. He raved about your finger picking and made me promise to get him your next CD too, whenever it comes out. So congrats, you're a success in Austin, TX!

Hey! Good luck. I listened to your CD and I wanted to let you know I loved it. It's perfect meditation music for me while I sit out on my deck in the AM. I hope all is well and good luck in Cali!
Love and Magic,
Subj: Hi there! =)
Date: 01/26/2000
Hey you, sorry it's been awhile since I've been on here. I received your CD on the 21st. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's such beautiful music, very soothing and relaxing for the soul. You are very talented. Thank you so much for sending it to me. I will enjoy listening to it often.
Again thank you. =)
Love Ya Lots, Melody

Hi Jeff, The wee hours of Monday morning are "evening" in my topsy-turvy schedule, Mondays-Tuesdays my only days off during the week - with
organizing the benefits, my gigs, recording a new album and a mini-vacation last week, I've been so busy I didn't have a chance to sit down and listen to your CD until tonight...WOW!! Your an amazing musician, your soul really shines through in your music. My girlfriend and my 10 year old son both stopped what they were doing to let me know they liked what I was listening to. Like a good book you can't put down, we listened to the whole album, start to finish. " Country Walk," "Dreams," "Medieval Forest," "Mystical Pathways," "Finger Lickin' Chicken," "November Song" and "Rebirth" are among my favorites upon
first listen, but everything on this CD is excellent and inspiring...nice touches with the flute and viola. Your guitar sound comes through pure and
bright - just like an acoustic guitar should. This material really put me in a good mood after a tiring day playing "catch up."
Keep Pickin' - Todd S.
Subj: Just Beautiful
Date: 03/06/2000
After traveling on a bus with 40 other crazed hockey fans and coming home only to change and run out to a Hawaiian theme party for 300 that I was in charge of...all I could think about after all was said and done was taking a LONG, relaxing bath and listening to some dawned on me that your CD might be at work waiting for, at 9PM I ran by work on my way home to check the mail...and guess what? I am listening to it as I type...Wow, sooooooo beautiful. I love getting the feel of the rhythm and the melody, the tone of the instruments...and especially your guitar...I feel like I can close my eyes and picture you playing...Thank you so very much for getting this CD to me...I have tons of billing to do tomorrow and am going to listen to you over and over for hours till I get it completed...I feel like your music is a friend I've had in the past and just found again...hard to explain...but your music touches me...Bless you!

So glad I caught your live performance. Your guitar music is wonderful! Will order CD. Please send listing of all your CDs.
Thanks, Karen M. San Jose, CA
Hi Jeff, I am listening to your music and want to let you know again how much I
enjoy it. I hear it often in my mind.

Subj: FW:
Date: 11/03/2000
More Kudos for you from Jon.......thought you'd like to see this:
> I'm listening to Jeff's music this morning and it's very soothing.
> Thanks again.
> Jon
Subj: Dreams
Date: 04/08/2000
Hi Jeff,
Just a little note to tell you that I enjoy all your recordings. The title is very appropriate since the songs make me feel that I am in a virgin forest enjoying all its majesty. Or on the top of a mountain on a warm sunny day where I can see forever. You have a great talent. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Subj: playin
Date: 07/21/2000
Your soft, sensual, and gentle music
wandering thru the majestic land...
a touch of heaven it would be to mix both
~soft whispers~
Subj: CD
Date: 04/09/2000
I really enjoyed your CD...thank you. I love the style, the guitar work is beautiful and the flute gives me something to play along with when I relax. I wish there were more of a market for it...along with the jazz CD we're releasing in May. I hate that people buy what's being pushed on the radio. I guess there's something to be said for being a musician's musician.
Thanks again...Joni

Date: 11/20/2000
Dear Jeff,
I am very grateful that you had sent me the CD, I received it today, opened and played it immediately. It is beautiful music. I wish I could tell you that I had the lights out and my candle going and just relaxing, but the candle was glowing and the lights were off, but I was cooking dinner. I enjoyed the Faded Love song and All The Same. I don't have an ear for music, sorry to say, but I enjoy listening. I wish you good luck on your next Dream.
Thank you again,
Your "Freind"
I have managed to put together a new song in DADADE. Its about 95% complete
and it ranks as an A song, amongst my others. I got some A,s and some B's,
and some C's.
Thanks for the tuning!

To the only person I know who can actually make soundscapes w/the guitar: You write some great material. I enjoyed your relaxing music! Definitely keep up the good work. All the best to you in your career-and may you sell a million CD's!!!
Yours truly
Date: 06/28/2000
I have one song written in DADDAD tuning. This is called "double DAD's". the song is called "Hammerhead" and a sound clip is available on my website.
I would suggest you consider DADFAD tuning - a lot of material in this tuning - and not a lot of people use it - D minor tuning.

Well, Lori and I stayed up as well to see the legendary Jeff Curtis on our very own TV in the comfort of our living room/bedroom (ah the joy of a studio apartment!). Finally, we were able to see the show we've been reading about for so long!
And the absolute coolest thing about it all?
I'm guessing the camera man was laying on the floor going for the "under the wide brim" angle! Seriously though, it was a joy to see an accomplished musician such as Jeff on our TV set.
All the best,
Mike & Lori
Subj: Re: DADDAD
Date: 06/28/2000
Hi Travis!
Thanks for sharing those tunings with me - I will have to try them. Starting to sound like there's a lot of DAD's out there!

Jeff, I'm glad you enjoyed the show as well - means a lot to me, especially considering the fact that you are one of the most incredible musicians I've
ever heard. Listening to your music has become something of a ritual when I come home from a gig - I "unwind" by playing your CD, getting absolutely
lost in its peaceful sounds...
Thanks Again, Todd S.

Love is a gift that when you give it end up having more...thank you for sharing the wonders of your music with me, ~soft whispers~ Joan

Hey Jeff,
I really dig your playing.
What tuning do you play in?

My gentle friend from afar, is a part of my world...
I am playing a wondrous CD as I write to you, the guitar riffs float thru my heart strings and wander tenderly into my soul...maybe you have heard of this wondrous musician...I believe his name is Jeff Curtis...
~soft whispers~

A big thank you to Jeff Curtis for appearing at the first Open Mic at the
Irish Cottage last night! I had never heard him before, was blown away by
his playing!
I finally had the chance to listen to your music and let me tell ya I was impressed!!! Man I loved it so much. It gets your emotions flowing. I cant wait to get a CD!!!! I am gonna take it to work with me and listen to it in my office. You are very talented and I am very proud of you.

Thanks, Jeff, for blessing my trip home to KC, and for last night and this morning as I listened to your soul expressed in your music. I love the CD. I do like the numbers you had picked out especially, but I wonder if #13 is my fave. I'll have to listen and absorb a few more times.
Subj: Jeff Curtis - you man!
Date: 07/22/2000
Ok, I listened to many of the artists on "Guitar Nine" and honestly you play the melodies I really want to learn. I mean you are there among all the other artists and I feel fortunate to have found your talents online. It is folk, is it classical, it is sometimes haunting (in a good way, the way that make you whistle the tune to yourself) I can‘t wait to get the CD. Thank you - I have found the music I was looking for in your recordings.

Hi Jeff,
My name is Kate and we met briefly at the Imaginary Bill, Tony Hightower, Sonny Meadows show. I have a habit of going up to LIMC members and telling them that I have heard their songs on the radio. I figure that's happy news that most people like to hear.
I heard your song, "Country Walk" on the old Tri-State Sound show on WLIR when it was hosted by Brian Mannix. I can't give you the exact date, but it was sometime last year. I remember the song because it was especially pretty and different from the other music I'd been hearing on the show.
Subj: rebirth
Date: 07/21/2000
I heard you play on Guitar Nine. "Rebirth" was so great, I am buying the CD after payday. I am new and aspiring to play the guitar. I bought a "bargain-bin" teach yourself guitar CD and it failed miserably to teach me very much. I know we live in a fast-food world, but really, I am willing to put in the time practicing. However I do feel like I would be wasting my money to pay a musician to teach me chords - I figure I can learn chords from a CD and maybe I can learn to read music too, before asking (and paying) someone to take me further. Any suggestions? I have books but the hard part is hearing the piece as it should sound and training my ear and my eyes to recognize it. A quality "teach-yourself-guitar" CD must be out there - sleeping with my guitar does seem to help my plucking and tonal recognition, but it isn‘t teaching me to play music.

Hey Jeff, the CD is so great! Thanks so much! talk to you soon .....Patty

Date: 09/12/2001
Hi Jeff, I hope you are okay on this 'day after the attack'!

Subj: Thanks for Your Great CD!
Date: 09/14/2001
Darn Jeff, the main thing I wanted to do for weeks was tell you how much I
LOVED your CD! and I forgot to do it...anyway...I LOVE YOUR CD! I have
listened to it several times and it manages to settle me down often after a hectic day.
Peace, Jane
Subj: Re: rebirth
Date: 07/24/2000
Todd - the secret with "Rebirth" lies in the guitar's tuning (DADADE - low to high) and in the syncopation I incorporate into my picking style.

I am in love with your music!
Life is so amazing, I went out tonight to hear Halley, and then maybe go to the city, for some womens party…well your music blew me away…I was so happy to be there

Hi Jeff...sitting here going over some listings for some clients coming into town this week and I'm listening to your music while I work...very nice way to work! I had an open house today for 3 hours and no one showed up! I guess that happens sometimes. Anyway...thought I would just say hello!

Subj: your music inspires me!
Hi Jeff.
Rob and I enjoyed meeting you and listening to
your guitar. You really play beautifully, which must
be more than learned; it seems to come from a
feeling you have in your heart about what music is
supposed to do for us.

Date: 06/28/2002
Hi Jeff
I have been meaning to write for a while. My name is David and we met on a flight a year or two ago. I had just come from winning an offshore powerboat race. I just wanted to thank you for the great "Dreams" album. Not only is it plain old great listening but it turned out to be therapeutic too.
I design and build custom homes in CT and the day after watching the horror unfold in NYC on 9/11, I rounded up all the construction crews I could get my hands on and headed down to NYC to help in the rescue effort. Most of us stayed for 7 days and a few stayed longer. The majority of our time was spent on the pile of debris, digging, cutting and clawing our way through, trying to find anyone alive. Unfortunately, this didn‘t happen. We had to cut several partial remains out of the twisted steel. I finally headed home and when I arrived, the whole picture finally hit me. I hadn‘t lost it while in NYC but the emotions took over as I pulled into the driveway with my pregnant wife looking out the window. Long story short, I was an emotional wreck for quite some time. I‘d watch the news occasionally and it would all come back. After a couple of months, late one night, I finally decided to turn the CD player back on. I opened up a good bottle of red, grabbed my head phones (not to disturb my wife) and grabbed a CD.
Guess which one it was???? "DREAMS"
Wow! I cried and smiled all night and I think that is when I finally got control back. Sure, the emotions come and go but your music really helped (and still does)!
Thanks Jeff and the best of luck to you!
Date: 05/22/2001
I, and everyone that heard you that night were honored to have had the opportunity to have you share your music and indeed rare talent with us. My
customers were still talking about you this afternoon and are begging me to find out how to get in touch with you. If you have a website? When are ya gonna get THAT GUY BACK? etc. Our house is yours anytime you wish! I am sorry for my somewhat rude behavior to my own clientele that night, but it is a rare opportunity for us to have such high caliber single entertainment here, and goddamnit I didn't think enough of them were payin enough attention. If there is ANYTHING that I can do on this end, i.e. media people? advertising? etc. to help you in anyway get a further foothold here on the west coast, PLEASE let me know. You may indeed have ANY evening you wish, and I will do everything I can to pack the joint for ya if I have to go out and buy a
brand new cattle prod...
Ray A.
By The Way, Where In NY Are You? Stay In Touch!
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